Now we’re going to learn about storytelling.

Watch the video below to see how stories have a Beginning, a Middle and an End and see if you can spot those sections in the following story outlines …


game heading




Now we’re going to look at how to make a story. Download the cards below, print and cut them out to play the ‘storytelling’ game.

The cards are divided into:

Characters – scientist, pop star, explorer, astronaut

Props – umbrella, camera, map, bike

Location – desert, space ship, boat, park

Event – dinosaur charge, shark attack, alien invasion, monsters

Action – had a fight with, made friends with, chased, ran away from

How to play:

Divide the cards into character, prop, event, location and action. Place them face down. Take one card from each group and turn them over.

Now make up a story using the following story …

Once upon a time there was a …

turn over your Character cards and say what it is.

Their favourite thing in the world was their …

Turn over the Prop card and say what it is.

It was their favourite thing because?

See if you can come up with a reason why they loved this thing so much.

and one day they were in …

Turn over the Location card and read it out.

They were there because …

See if you can come up with a reason why the Character is in the Location.

When all of a sudden there was a …

Turn over the Event card and read it out.

Can you describe what this looks like?

The character then …

Turn over the Action character and see what it says.

Now see if you can come up with a way for the Character to use its Prop with the Event to do the action written on the Action card.

Here’s an example of how the game works:

Once upon a time there was an explorer.

Their favourite thing was their bike.

It was their favourite thing because they liked to cycle everywhere and explore the world.

One day they were in the park when all of a sudden a dinosaur came charging towards them from the trees.

The explorer their bike to make friends with the dinosaur.

Because the dinosaur had never seen a bike before, they were very excited by it and that’s why they were charging after the explorer.

The explorer let the dinosaur have a ride on the bike and the dinosaur was so pleased that they immediately became friends.



Now we’re going to look at how a story works. In the following videos we’ll look at why every story has a Beginning, a Middle and an End and what has to happen in each of those sections to make a good story.

We’ll also look at other things that we can put into our story to make it better.

Now you know everything you need to create your own story.

You can print out and use the template below to write your own story and write in the box for each section.


If you need more ideas for a story, here is the final story from the class, called, ‘Alima and the Dragon’.