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LOGO final


  • "I love this video! So powerful!"

    Good English

  • "What an extraordinary job you have done with this video! Amazing."

    Good English

  • "What a fascinating video. I watched it several times to enjoy the beauty of it."

    A Guide to the Traveller

  • "Very moving video! Definitely makes you rethink the meaning of the word traveller."

    A Guide to the Traveller

  • "Very striking and powerful video.

    A Guide to the Traveller

  • "I love this video and it has given me an idea on how to integrate something similar with my MA seminar."

  • "I love this video! It was as though the way I feel while speaking a language was put into words."

  • "Wow I feel really emotional after watching this! So many details that resonate with me."

    Speaking Your Language

  • "In this tale about friendship, computer-generated animation is combined with drawings to create an extraordinary, moving whole."

    T Mobile New Horizons Film Festival
  • "That is incredible cinematography. Beautiful stuff, both the song and video."


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About Me

Hi, my name is Simon Bishopp, I’m a filmmaker based in Glasgow, Scotland. I run my video production company ‘Showman Media’ creating videos and animation, working in community, education and third-sector settings.  

I’ve worked with a wide range of people including young people in healthcare settings, mental health service users, offenders reintegrating into society, adults and young people with migrant and refugee backgrounds, artists, poets, musicians, teachers and university educators.
I’m experienced working on both my own initiative, wearing many hats and working under pressure, managing budgets, locations, cast, as well as the technical and creative side of filmmaking from photography to sound design, editing, grading and disc production.
Equally I come from a background of filmmaking as teamwork and am used to quickly fitting into crews in broadcast, commercial and participatory settings and hitting the ground running.


Filmmaker / Editor

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I’ve worked as a self-shooting director for almost 20 years.  I  started in video working on a local TV documentary crew as a runner, boom operator and camera assist, then as a run & gun doc camera operator for BBC NI. I stopped off at Leeds Beckett in 2004 to study a BA in film production and for the last 10 years I’ve been working with educators in universities, education bodies, human rights charities, community arts groups and social enterprises.

Animation / Motion Graphics

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I’ve been creating animations since I was 12 that have ranged from hand-drawn sketches and clay stop-motion to 3D photo-realistic renderings. I love seeing little doodles develop to become worlds on the screen and to be able to communicate ideas in a purely visual way. 

I work in 2D / motion graphics using Photoshop, Illustrator, TV Paint & After Effects. In 3D I use Zbrush, Cinema4D & After Effects.

Illustrations / Graphic Design

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I started drawing at 4 and never really stopped. I’ve worked as an illustrator since I was a teenager, with clients ranging from clothing magazines, book cover and article illustrations and more recently blog posts and advertising. I like starting by sketching on paper and then scanning and tidying with a tablet in Photoshop.  In my graphic design work I’ve created film posters, DVD box, disc & menu art, vector art advertising and infographics.

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If you would like to discuss a project please email me at